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Fake US embassy in Ghana shut down after a decade — FOX2now.com

It flew the American flag, hung a photo of President Obama and issued US visas for more than a decade. But a building that operated as a US embassy in Ghana was a fake, the US State Department says. The enterprise, which issued fraudulently obtained legitimate visas, counterfeit visas, and other false identification documents, was…

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front row seats for what started the fox valley mall fights pic.twitter.com/Qa2wALQxlb — Esther (@_esther74) December 27, 2016 Brawls broke out in malls all across the USA on Monday, December 26, 2016. The video above shows what happened in Chicongo. The fisticuffs, chair throwing, and general mayhem that occurred involved young ladies and gentlemen of […]

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Frequent and incendiary Fox News guest and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has accepted a position with the Trump administration, reports Alan Heuser of US News, USA Today, Politico, and other outlets. Heuser says Clarke’s Assistant Secretary position is in the Office of Partnership and Programs, which communicates between the Department of Homeland Security and…

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