On the occasion of Frank’s 60th Birthday

Frank W. Aller Memorial

Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a battle – C.S. Lewis
University H.S. Graduation

On May 9th, Frank would be 60. His family and friends want to celebrate his life with a service honoring him on May 10, 3pm, at Opportunity Presbyterian Church, 202 N. Pines Rd., Spokane Valley, WA. Please come. You’re invited to write your thoughts and memories of Frank in the comments link at the bottom of this post.

Biography –

Frank was a Rhodes scholar, attending Queens College of Oxford University in England. He graduated in 1968 from the University of Washington in Seattle with a Bachelors degree in Asian Studies. He graduated in 1964 as the first Valedictorian of University High School in Spokane Valley. Frank was a classical pianist in Junior High. His adjudicator wrote on Frank’s certificate, “This is genius material.” Frank won first place at the University Elementary School Science Fair, announcing to his…

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